Our kindergarten is a non-profit-making kindergarten sponsored by the Education Foundation of the Federation of the Alumni Associations of the CUHK. It will practice the spirit of the school motto of the CUHK – ” Through learning and temperance to virtue” (「博文約禮」) and give back to the society. We are a dedicated, active, and enterprising educational team that provides flexible, innovative and enlightening teaching activities to enable children to develop whole-person development, which help them laying a good foundation for future learning.

The Chinese University of Hong Kong Alumni Association Education Foundation (referred to as the Education Foundation) was established in September 1982. Today, it has been nearly 40 years since its inception, marking an important milestone from its inception, development, and maturity. Looking back, the various college alumni associations of CUHK joined forces to form the Chinese University of Hong Kong Alumni Association, gathering alumni strength and seeking support from all parties. Its founding mission is to “pool resources and serve society” and is committed to uniting alumni and making contributions. In 1982, the predecessor of the Education Foundation, the “Chinese University of Hong Kong Alumni Association Education Development Limited,” was formally established, further demonstrating the determination of CUHK alumni to develop the field of education.

As a non-profit charitable education organization, the Education Foundation has a clear goal of “promoting education and nurturing talents,” with a particular focus on establishing schools in newly developed areas at that time. The aim is to provide parents and students in the district with schools that have a good educational atmosphere and emphasize both character and academic excellence. The goal is to help children and young people receive quality education during their growth stage and achieve holistic development. Starting from scratch, there were many challenges, but it also reflected the enthusiasm, faith, and perseverance of the Education Foundation in running schools, enabling them to overcome difficulties one by one. Today, six schools located in areas such as Ma On Shan, Tin Shui Wai, and Sha Tin have been put into service successively, including two secondary schools, one primary school, and three kindergartens, promoting basic education in an all-round manner.

The schools under the Education Foundation uphold the spirit of CUHK, which emphasizes both intellectual and moral virtues. They place a strong emphasis on moral education and incorporate the essence of mother-tongue teaching while strengthening English and Putonghua education. This lays a solid foundation of bilingual and trilingual proficiency for students and prepares them for university studies. In addition, each school develops diverse teaching characteristics based on the needs of different communities, ensuring personalized education that allows every student to achieve fruitful learning outcomes and become pillars of society with good character.

With strong connections to Mainland China, the Education Foundation also pays attention to the development of basic education in Mainland China. Therefore, it is committed to fundraising to support the development of primary education in impoverished areas of Mainland China. In 1994, the “China Education Development Fund” was established, followed by the “Little Backpack Educational Support Action” the following year, organizing alumni donations to build schools in remote areas of Mainland China and subsidize impoverished students’ book and miscellaneous expenses. This fully reflects the commitment of CUHK alumni to the education of the next generation.

Through the selfless dedication and silent efforts of CUHK alumni over the past 30 years, along with the strong support of various sectors of society, the Education Foundation has grown and thrived. It is hoped that in the future, the Education Foundation will continue to carry forward the aspiration of CUHK people to give back to society, as the school songs of each school state: “With concerted efforts and earnest conduct, we nurture outstanding talents,” cultivating countless young students to become talents and contribute to the well-being of society.