The overall curriculum is implemented as a comprehensive curriculum, with six learning areas (language, children’s mathematics, nature and life, individual and group, art and creativity) as the key development, nurturing children’s whole-person development direction.

Through story-based teaching strategy, with themes close to life experience, expand the understanding of individuals, families, communities, and even the world.

The school-based English activities in our school are carried out through story-based teaching, which echoes the theme of Chinese learning, so that students’ learning network is more integrated, and it also makes it easier for them to understand the learning content when participating in English activities, and enhance their learning motivation and interest.Our kindergarten has native English teachers (NET) and local English teachers (SCOLAR) to provide English teaching, laying a solid foundation for students to learn a second language – English.

In order to promote the moral development of students, through “ICAN Whole Person Education” moral education courses, national anthems, sports and arts culture sharing, festival celebrations, etc., to enhance students’ social civic responsibility.

There is an assembly every morning, and the national anthem and school anthem will be played and sung on the first day of class every week to enhance the children’s sense of personal identity.

Through the JELIC Multiple Intelligences course, students can improve their independent learning ability and sense of success in learning. In addition, when students use the JELIC learning boxes, they can develop their sense of space, thinking logic, and fine motor skills of small muscles.

Our kindergarten makes good use of the outdoor venues of the school building. Children will go to the outdoor venues every day to play physical skills and games, to exercise their strong physique.