Name of the Association

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2/F, Ancillary facilities Block, Tin Shing Court, 3 Tin Ching Street, Tin Shui Wai, Yuen Long, N.T.


  • To forge close home-school contacts and build a friendly relationship between parents and teachers and among the parents.
  • To discuss common issues of concern and work jointly for enhancing the welfare of the the students.


  • i) The parents or guardians of the students of the school may apply to become parent members.
  • ii)The serving Principal and Vice Principals of the school shall be ex-officio members.
  • iii)The serving teachers of the school shall be teacher members.
  • The parent members shall have the right to vote and the right to stand for election as committee members, and shall enjoy the right to vote at the meeting, which they are entitled to attend.
  • Each member shall have the obligation to obey the rules stipulated in the Constitution, follow the decisions made at the meetings and pay the annual membership fee (except for the ex-officio members and the teacher members).
  • The parent members shall pay the annual membership fee within 2 weeks after they are accepted as members of the Ex-officio members and the teacher members shall not be required to pay the membership fee.
  • Parent members shall not have the obligation to provide any monetary aid to the Association except for the annual membership fee.
  • The Association shall not refund the membership fee already paid by the parents.


  • The Association shall be made up of the “General Meeting” and the “Executive Committee” (abbreviated as the “Committee”).
  • The “General Meeting” is composed of all the members and is the unit with the highest authority in the Association. During the recess of the “General Meeting”, all the affairs of the Association shall be handled by the “Committee”.
  • The “General Meeting” shall be convened by the “Committee”, and the “Committee” may convene “Extraordinary General Meetings” according to its needs.
  • The “General Meeting” shall be convened at least once a year (usually before the start of the school year). During the meeting, the chairman of the previous year shall report on the general affairs and the financial status of the Association in the previous school year; and shall preside over the election of the new committee for the current year and the selection of members of the “Committee” to undertake the tasks of the Association.
  • After receiving a written request proposing matters for discussion from no fewer than 5 members of the Association, the “Committee” shall also convene an “Extraordinary General Meeting”. The letter of notice for convening the “Extraordinary General Meeting” shall be delivered to each member of the Association at least 20 days prior to the meeting.
  • The quorum for all “General Meetings” shall not be less than 30 members.
  • The “Committee” shall be made up of 12 committee members, including 8 parent members and 4 teacher members.
  • Parent members joining the “Committee” shall be selected by “one person one vote” in secret ballot at the “General Meeting”.
  • The School shall nominate 4 teacher candidates to join the “Committee” before the Annual General Meeting is held, and the candidates shall be confirmed during the “General Meeting”.
  • The new and the previous “Committees” shall jointly hold the first meeting soonest after the “Annual General Meeting” and decide the duties of the elected committee members in the following capacity in the new “Committee”:
  • i) Chairman (parent member)
  • ii) Vice Chairman (parent member)
  • iii) Secretary (parent member)
  • iv) Assistant Secretary (teacher member)
  • v) Treasurer (parent member)
  • vi) Assistant Treasurer (teacher member)
  • vii) Recreation and Welfare Officers (2 parent members)
  • viii) Liaison Officers (2 parent members and 2 teacher members)
  • The quorum for all “Committee Meetings” shall be more than two-thirds of the number of committee members. A motion shall be passed only upon the consent of more than half of the committee members present in the meeting.
  • If the number of votes for and against a motion turns out to be equal, the chairman shall have a casting vote.
  • The term of office for all committee members shall be 1 school year.
  • The “Committee” shall have the right to elect committee members to fill vacancies arising during the year.
  • The “Committee” shall, in the event of contingency, have the right to elect additional committee members to provide consultancy and handle related jobs/duties.
  • During the same term of office, one family shall not have more than one of its members serving as a member of the “Committee”.
  • All the members of the “Committee” shall be voluntary workers of the Association.


  • The Association may use its money to develop its affairs and pay for its expenses.
  • The treasurer shall report the financial status of the Association at every “Committee” meeting.
  • The “Committee” shall keep all the income received by the Association in a bank account opened in the name of this “Parent-Teacher Association”. All cheques for withdrawing the monies of the Association shall be valid only if they bear the chop of the Association and the signatures of three committee members among the following committee members of the Parent-Teacher Association: Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, Recreation and Welfare Officer, etc.
  • The “Committee” shall be liable for any debt of the Association.


The “General Meeting” shall elect a voluntary auditor to be responsible for auditing the accounts of the Association at least once a year.

Amendments of the Constitution/Dissolution of the Parent-Teacher Association

  • Any amendments to the Constitution shall be passed by at least two-thirds of the parent members present at the “General Meeting”/“Extraordinary General Meeting”.
  • In the event of dissolution of the Association, the relevant decision of dissolution shall be agreed upon by at least two-thirds of the parent members present at the “General Meeting” or the “Extraordinary General Meeting”. If there are any surplus assets, they shall be dealt with according to the resolution of the parent members participating in the meeting.